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The Lighting Hospital and The Pixel Hospital

The Lighting Hospital is Europe's leading Electronic Service and Repair Centre for Automated Lighting and LED Video Panels. Drawing on 25 years of Lighting Industry experience The Lighting Hospital prides itself on having the largest repertoire of repairable PSU, Control Boards and LED Video panels in Europe which makes it unbeaten in its field.

Our client list throughout the UK and Europe is extensive and continually growing. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a personal service. We not only offer professionalism and reliability but most importantly we have an exceedingly high success rate and are the only electronic repair centre capable of repairing boards to this level within the Lighting Industry.

The Lighting Hospital works in parallel with the industry and is constantly keeping up with current technology and electronic designs which ensures that we stay ahead of the game.

2016 saw a tremendous increase in requests for LED Video panel repairs. In response to this we are excited to announce that January 2017 has seen the launch of The Pixel Hospital.
It seemed an obvious extension to our service and we have been excited to welcome new clients and have enjoyed tremendous success with many panel repairs from manufacturers including Absyn, Glux, INFiLED, Roe, DigiLED and Dessay to name a few.

We still remain under one roof but for all Led Video Panel enquiries please contact us directly on service@pixelhospital.co.uk

For all Lighting Hospital enquiries please continue to contact us on service@lightinghospital.com

Dik Welland and The Lighting Hospital Staff 

What we do

Electronic Ballast Repair
Moving Light Control Board Repair
Electronic Power Supply Repair
LED Video Panel Repair
SMD LED Changing
Full Lighting Fixture Servicing
Supplier of Vari*Lite, Martin & Robe parts
Supplier of Flying Pig & High End parts