The Doctors

dik welland

The Electronic Engineers at The Lighting Hospital are supremely qualified to coax your sick boards, tired fixtures, damaged LED Video Panels and worn out desks back to good health.

Dr. Dik's posts have included Head of Lighting Control at White Light, Senior Service Engineer at Vari*Lite Europe and as Fixtures Specialist for High End Europe.

He graduated from the University of London with a BEng Honours degree in Electronic Engineering and has worked hands-on in the production industry ever since 1985.

He and his team are supremely qualified as casualty doctors and are au fait with the needs, demands and tight timescales of a fast-moving industry where the show must go on whatever the circumstances.

How we work

All repairs to be booked in using our RMA system before sending to us
Each item to be subject to an evaluation fee of £35 then quote to follow
Expedite fee of £35 per item to fast track the repair
You will be charged for packing and carriage back to you unless you provide your own carrier details
90 Day warranty on all work done
Pack all items well to avoid further damage to your items. We will charge extra to repair transit damage.
Clearly label each item with the fault description and unit it is from.



Can we send you boards with missing components?
Unlike other repair centres, you can but you will be charged for the missing components.

Can we send you burn damaged boards?
Yes you can as they are quite often repairable but a £70 levy will be charged for burn removal

Do you keep a record of all repairs?
Yes we do. A full record of repair numbers and work done is kept with us.

Can you hurry my repair through?
Yes, There is a £35 Expedite fee per item to get it to the front of the repairs queue.