The iR37
A non-contact facial thermometer

Protect your business from infection

Provide assurance to your customers

Reduce the financial impact of staff sickness

Time and attendance functionality

Temperature reading

· Medically accurate temperature reading and fever temperature alarm
· ± 0.3˚C Precision | 0.4s Recognition Speed – Contact less
· High quality German Humax Camera for temperature reading

Face recognition

· Live face recognition supporting the storage of more than 10,000 faces with recognition speed of 0.4s
(GDPR compliant)
· Employee Time Tracking across multiple sites

Alarm System

· Automatically displays and alarms both operator and subject if a temperature is abnormal.
· Can deny access to an area

Established product (5 years)

· UK Service and IT support (unlike competitors)
· 12 Months Warranty extendable to 24 Months
· Conform to IEC 610000-4-2 Electrostatic Protection Standard

Elegant, well made and robust unit

· Made from Aluminium alloy and 304 stainless steel
· Non branded
· Can customize screen and audio


· Various installation scenarios: wall mounted, free standing pillar base or desk top support

Additional benefits

· Long term additional benefits including automated logging of staff hours via a link to your company database

With it’s quality build, UK technical support and UK stock, this is a great unit to invest in right now.