After gaining a BEng in Electronic Engineering, Dik started his career in the industry driving a van for White Light; ready to do anything to be involved in the world of lighting. He soon shot up through the ranks to Lighting Control.

Moving to Vari*Lite Europe as Senior Service Engineer he enjoyed many trips out as their flying doctor – a role requiring an almost inexhaustible amount of dedication, endurance, patience, tenacity, diplomacy, creativity and most importantly, a sense of humour. Dik then toured with Vari*Lite for a many years before coming off the road to take up the post of Fixture Specialist at High End Systems in London.

He has honed his considerable experience of the industry from the ground up and has more than earned his reputation as being one of the most renowned, well loved and respected Lighting Engineers in the business.

His knowledge, love of, and dedication to the industry has been the driving force behind the Lighting Hospital which we are proud to say is now in its eleventh year and still going stronger than ever.

The Pixel Hospital

2016 saw a tremendous increase in requests for LED Video panel repairs.
In response to this we launched The Pixel Hospital in 2017.

It seemed an obvious extension to our service and we have been excited to welcome new clients and continue to enjoy tremendous success with many panel repairs from manufacturers including Absyn, Glux, INFiLED, Roe, DigiLED and Dessay to name a few.

We are continually investing in specialised electronic soldering equipment to ensure we are well equipped to keep up with the advancement of electronic manufacture.

Enjoy the quality repairs from specialist electronic engineers

Drawing on our many years of experience in the Live Production Industry, we benefit from close relationships with many well-known manufacturers and understand the harsh environments that our repairs have to work in. All our repairs are carried out to the highest standards and are tested to their extremes before leaving our warehouse.

We ensure that we stay current with the latest technology, so as new products are brought out we reverse engineer them to attain the circuit diagrams that are so vital to effective repair.

How we work

All repairs to be booked via email or our contact form below

Evaluation Fee when applicable is £45

Expedite fee of £45 per item to fast track the repair

90 Day warranty on all work done

You will be charged for packing and carriage back to you unless you provide your own carrier details

Clients and Partners

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