Pixel Repairs

We repair most LED video modules down to a 1mm pitch. We specialise in harvesting LED’s from a donor panel to guarantee colour match.

These devices are often high power and are soldered to a heat sinking PCB. They can be exceedingly difficult to work with unless you have the right equipment which needless to say we have.

At The Pixel Hospital, we pride ourselves on being able to change both low and high power SMD LED’s

Low power are used on LED video panels and require very accurate and stable temperature control during soldering to prevent LED damage.
High power LEDs as used on LED lighting fixtures require a great amount of stable heat before the soldering can take place.
Both types we’re are experts at working with.

The Pixel Hospital is dedicated to the repair of LED Video panels

In this short time we have already been titled as the approved repair centre for Desay products and with our close relationship with Brompton Technology we are able to repair all screen using the Brompton processor. 

In addition our recent purchase of the Seamark ZM-R720A means we are able to repair down to 1mm pitch. The pages on our website detail all units that we can currently repair, but we are always adding to our portfolio.  

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Please email us at: service@pixelhospital.co.uk