Lighting Repairs

Electronic Ballasts are notoriously complex and expensive units. We have an excellent understanding of these units and can bring your exploded and frazzled units back into full working order.

We can repair most LED video modules down to 1mm pitch. We specialise in harvesting LED’s from a donor panel to guarantee colour match.

The Electronic Power Supply or SMPSU is a complex and common fail unit in an automated lighting fixture.

The control board is the heart of the electronics in a moving light. We repair most types of commonly used boards. 

Bring out your dead. Bring us your sick and poorly devices.

Bring us your flickering LED Video Panels. We will take in terminally confused logic boards. We will nurse power supplies and ballasts back to health.
We will tenderly care for burnt and dysfunctional road victims. All your sick Lighting and Video equipment can be fixed by The Lighting Hospital Doctors.

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