• 80 Volt Dimmers, VL500 and Martin TW1
  • Varilite 1650W,1500W, 1200W, 700W CCI Closed Chassis Supplies
  • Varilite 1200W, 700W, 400W VL1000 Open Chassis Supplies
  • High End 575 ballast
  • High End Studio Beam & X-Spot ballasts
  • Varilite 770 & 880 ballasts
  • Varilite 500 Ballasts
  • Varilite 4000 Ballasts
  • Schiederwerk EVG12 (Mac 2K)
  • Schiederwerk PVG 12-12 AC (CP Alpha 1200)
  • Martin Viper ballast
  • Schiederwerk PVG 12-15 AC (Mac 2K XB & CP Alpha 1500)
  • Schiederwerk PVG 7-70 (Mac 700 & Robe 700)
  • Schiederwerk EVG5 & PVG 5
  • Schiederwerk PVG 5-57 AC (Robe Robin 600E)
  • Mitronic 1200W
  • Clay Paky QWO ballast

Electronic Ballasts are notoriously complex and
expensive units.

We have an excellent understanding of these units and can bring your exploded and frazzled units back into full working order.

Each ballast carries a £45 evaluation fee and then a repair fee which is dependant on whether it is a short fix or is badly damaged and is a long fix requiring a lot of time and many components to repair. We have a full test rig of ignitors and lamps here to run your revived ballasts into and only require the ballast to be sent to us.